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Quitters never
win and winners
never quit.
WISDOM KEY: If you fail, quickly try again. The difference between winners and losers is how fast they get back into the game. Quitting is the easy way out. Winners are not quitters. Winners are determined and persistent. By not giving in and quitting, you will begin to conquer your own fears. Once you have conquered your fears, you will wonder, “Why didn’t I try this sooner?” Determination conquers fear. Persistence conquers fear. Your attitude conquers fear.
The following testimonials are from Educators, Community Leaders and Leading Industry Executives about Dave Anderson’s commitment to “giving back to the community” through the sharing of his motivational and inspirational heartfelt keynote presentations.

Testimonial Letter Highlights…


Enthusiastic Comments!

Executive Director, Greater Minneapolis Building Owners and Managers Association

“…we ask those attending our meetings to complete an evaluation form indicating their satisfaction with all aspects of the meeting including speaker and topic…you are the first speaker to ever attain a perfect 5 on a scale of 1 to 5!”

“You have a remarkable story to tell…You truly inspired us to renew our efforts to seek success – in business, but more importantly in life.”

President, Printing Industry of Minnesota, Inc.

“Your energy and stage presence kept our audience on the edge of their seats.”

“…our group knew you were speaking from the heart and appreciated your message.”

Executive Director, Business Economics Education Foundation of Minnesota, Inc.

“…we experienced one of the largest crowds ever to attend our Annual Luncheon. …I am sure that the increased attendance could be connected to your popularity.”

“The enthusiasm you brought to out audience was wonderful.  The message to the students regarding bringing value to the workplace was extremely timely and right on target.”

Greater Saint Paul Building Owners & Managers Association

“We received so many compliments following your presentation and this meeting was proclaimed the “best” joint meeting in history thanks to you.”

“It was refreshing in this day and age to encounter someone with such an optimistic and clear read of what life holds for us.”

“Your common sense approach coupled with your philosophies…has the potential of insuring that each member of the audience you spoke to will be a better supervisor, worker and human being.”

President, Minneapolis Association of Life Underwriters

“We have had nothing but positive feedback from attendees and the standing ovation you received is not standard.”

“…your message of perseverance, of continuing to grow and learn and especially of having passion for what you do in life was inspiring and entertaining.”

Minnesota Timberwolves

“Your contribution to the program was invaluable.  Your message, delivery and heart-felt personal stories were a captivating conclusion to a memorable day.”

“The feedback we have received about the event and your involvement has been absolutely outstanding.”

Business Professionals of America

“Our conference could not have been as successful without you!”

“Dave you are quite an inspiration.”

“You have a wonderful way of captivating an audience.”

Testimonial Letter Highlights…


Enthusiastic Comments!

Camp Enterprise Rotary International

“These kids just loved you and your story and used words like “Extremely Motivational” and “Very Interesting, Cool Guy” to describe their reaction.”

“You bring special excitement wherever you go, and you certainly brought that with you to our weekend.”

“…Thank you for participating in Camp Enterprise this year and doing such a terrific job of inspiring high school seniors.

University of Wisconsin, Superior

“You mad a very positive and lasting impression on those in attendance…”

“Your presentation was current, thoughtful and enjoyable.”

“Your presentation was so interesting because you told it from the heart and your own life experience.”

Hank Hurley ~ President, Wisconsin Indian Head Technical College

“Your keynote was an inspiration and one of the most inspiring and positive messages ever heard on our campus!  Your positive energy was contagious and your work with communities is also an inspiration… you have motivated our staff to do more!

Jim Haynor ~ City Administrator, Village of Gurnee, IL

“In all my 25 years as City Administrator and hosting The Mayor’s Business Leader’s Luncheon, I have never had to follow a more dynamic speaker than Dave Anderson!  This was the largest turnout we have ever experienced and your presentation was outstanding.”

Andrea Hanson ~ Minnesota Business Venture Program Manager

“…all the students enjoyed your energy, story and passion, and you were clearly voted one of the top speakers.  Statements such as “have more speakers like Famous Dave” are echoed on many evaluations.  I asked the students to tell me what they learned at camp that they have been able to use in school or life.  One student gave a great example on how you impacted her life.  Here is the response from a student at Forest Lake Senior High School:

“…thanks to Famous Dave, a marvelous public speaker and very motivating, stated that no matter what you are being paid you should always work as if you are making more.  I am only making $6.70, and before going to camp I was very discouraged about my income.  After I returned from camp, I began to work as if I was making twenty dollars an hour.  Before I knew it, I was moved to the sales floor where I have the ability to make commissions, and interact with people on a professional level.  The position is more promising for my future…”

Sandi Thompson, Success Center Technician, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical Institute

“Your keynote was probably the most energetic, upbeat and motivational keynotes that I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.  Great job and thank you for inspiring me!”


Testimonial Letter Highlights…


Enthusiastic Comments!

Ammie Nichols, Network Technician, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical Institute

“Adversity is not always a bad thing.  Dave’s speech really hit home for me!  He is telling the absolute truth!”

Milton Tootoosis, Human Resources, SaskPower - Aboriginal Goverment Employees Network, Saskatchewan, Canada

“Wow!  You rocked the house…at first we were somewhat concerned about placing you as the last speaker due to your schedule but were surprised.  For the first time in fifteen years that we have been having this conference not one attendee left early and we had the best attendance ever just because they wanted to hear you speak.  Our associates were all riveted to their seats by your inspiring, from-the-heart, and real life talk about your experiences as an entrepreneur.  You reached everyone there because you didn’t hold anything back.  You shared your failures as well as your success and that captured their hearts as your inspiring story made them feel that they could all succeed.  We have never had a speaker that got this group to jump to their feet in thunderous applause.  Three standing ovations! And then you couldn’t even get back to your seat with getting a standing ovation.  From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to Canada.

Northland Foundation

“You have an incredibly strong message to share with young people who are “dreaming” of becoming business owners.”

“Your dynamic presentation really fit the need for this conference…”

Minnesota Department of Employee Relations

“What a motivator!”

“Very Inspirational!”

“…Thank you again for ending our conference on such a positive and inspirational note and for helping make our conference a huge success.”

Builders Association of the Twin Cities

“I am highly recommending your name to others who request speakers.”

Governor, Rotary International

“…Your message is powerful and given from your heart.  Your energy, enthusiasm and positive “can do” attitude came through very clearly.”

Neighborhood Marketing Institute

“…your marketing expertise was a key factor in the overall success of the program.  We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Testimonial Letter Highlights…


Enthusiastic Comments!

Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce

“The feedback I received from the membership that was present has been excellent.  You did a great job and inspired a lot of people today!”

“Your philosophy of “If it’s to be, it’s up to me” really struck home with a lot of our members.”

President, South Suburban District Norwest Banks

“…It will be tremendously helpful to me in my own job.”

“…I will use your thoughts on getting people to focus on their responsibility to themselves and their own development and to look forward to tackling problems daily in my own comments to my employees.  Thanks much.”

John C. Maxwell, New York Times Best Selling Author & Expert on Leadership

“Dave’s personal life story is nothing less than a real American “rags-to-riches” story come true.  In fact, I was so impressed by his life story that I used his experiences to sum up my own best selling book, Failing Forward.”

John Christensen, Co-author of FISH!, International Best Business Seller


“Dave’s incredible life story provides, it’s not just what you choose to do, but who you choose to be, that makes all the difference.”

Louise Monson, Executive Coordinator

National Rural Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Network, Inc.

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful presentation. We would like for you to know that in our twenty-two years… you are by far the best closing presenter we have ever had… your message energized our participants. You were just the person to fit our audience!

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